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Milo Ventimiglia

by Ryan Rigley

Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? Milo Ventimiglia sure does!

Crackle's newest web series "Chosen" revolves around loving father Ian Mitchell, a criminal lawyer who is forced to kill an innocent man in order to protect his family. After a mysterious wooden box shows up on Mitchell's doorstep, he's forced to take part in a deadly game orchestrated by unseen forces known only as the Watchers.

"They’re sick, they’re twisted, they’re pulling the strings, and they have very, very, very deep reach," Ventimiglia told MTV News. "Anybody could be involved and it’s often times the people you don’t expect that are involved. They’re always watching!"


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Adrian PasdarOnce a hero, always a hero. That’s how it’s turning out for former “Heroes” actors Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia, who were just picked to voice Iron Man and Wolverine respectively in two upcoming animated series.

That news and more came out of last weekend’s WonderCon event in San Francisco, which featured a panel led by Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb.

“Adrian and Milo are perfect as Iron Man and Wolverine,” said Loeb (via ScreenRant). “It’s extremely exciting to see these talented guys take on two of the most iconic super-hero roles of all time.”


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RestAlmost as soon as "Heroes" actor Milo Ventimiglia announced his 2008 comic book series "Rest," everyone began wondering when it would be picked up by a movie studio or television network. The waiting is over now, though, as it looks like the project is headed to NBC for development as a TV series.

According to Deadline, "Rest" received a script commitment from producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, and Ventimiglia will star in and executive produce the drama series based on his comic about a workaholic who volunteers to test an experimental drug that eliminates the need for sleep. Ventimiglia's Divide Pictures producing partner Russ Cundiff will also executive produce the series, along with Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins from "Rest" comic publisher Top Cow, and writer Philip Levens ("Smallville"), who will adapt the comic for television.

“It’s really about the struggle of this one guy against a government conspiracy,” Ventimiglia told MTV News back in 2008 when the series launched. “I equate it to two trains running, and when they intersect, there will be a huge disaster.” Read More...

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HeroesAfter NBC officially announced that “Heroes” had been canceled, fans immediately began putting together “Bring Back Heroes” petitions, and even trending the topic on Twitter for a few hours.

According to many reports, not even a television movie was discussed at NBC’s upfronts in New York City on Monday, so it appears the show’s future is all but sealed.

But is it?

“Heroes” was as close as most networks get to airing a comic book on television. In addition, NBC filled in the gaps between episodes and added backstory to most of it’s characters via the "Heroes" webcomic, two volumes of which have already been collected by DC Comics’ Wildstorm imprints, with a third on the way. All of this begs the question: Could the show continue in that format? Read More...

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Oldboy Mash-UpIt's been ages since we had any movement on Steven Spielberg and Will Smith's planned adaptation of "Oldboy," the ultraviolent manga by Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya that was the basis for Chan-Wook Park’s cult-classic film. While some might argue that this is a good thing, it's worth pointing out that the high-profile Hollywood duo aren't the only ones to put a new spin on the old property.

Over at website for Cinesmash, the online video series in which celebrities mash up their favorite scenes from films they weren't actually in, "Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia (and creator of Top Cow's "Berserker" comic book series) offers up his own take on the hallway fight scene from Park's 2003 film.

Complete with crazy wig, claw hammer and surprisingly adherent camera angles, Ventimiglia's "Oldboy" mash-up is both an ode to its source material and a nice little jab at some of the real villains out there. Read More...

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'Berserker'Everyone, look out. Milo Ventimiglia has officially gone "Beserk."

As the actor's foray into comics continues via his production company DiVide Pictures, the man you know as Peter Petrelli has been using all his powers to get out a new title, about a group of people seemingly unconnected to each other who discover, unbeknowst-to-them, they had been born with hidden abilities. No "Heroes"-ripoff here -- the hidden power here is to kill, and the comic is called "Beserker" from Top Cow Publishing.

You'd think the ability to go really aggro could be a boon -- but one character, Ferris Jorn, who is trying to get back to his life after being in the military in Afghanistan, is having extreme difficulty. "You can't make a distinction between enemies and comrades," Ventimiglia said. "Imagine you're being pushed over the edge. You're at the height at an adrenal rush. Your veins are bulging. Your blood is moving. And you can't control it -- not even around your loved ones. You will rip them to shreds. It's an extreme and uncontrollable rage." Read More...

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Milo VEntimigliaMilo Ventimiglia has other "Heroes" he wants to play. He told us about wishing he could be Nightwing before, and now he reveals that he actually auditioned for "Justice League," although he was a little coy about exactly which part.

"You look at how they did 'The Hulk,' with Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Stark in there," Ventimiglia said. "It's very thought out, the cross-breeding. So when 'Justice League' came up, I thought, 'I'm in. Whatever it is.'"

We suspect that the part was Batman -- simple because Ventimiglia got most excited talking about "The Dark Knight" and what could be in the next installment of that series. "I love a lot of that because he's a normal man," he said. "He didn't come from Krypton and have every ability except one weakness. Batman had to apply himself physically and intellectually to do what he's doing. He's not a crazy f---ing bat." Read More...

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