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MnemovoreTHE STORY: "Mnemovore" by Ray Fawkes & Hans Rodionoff (W) and Mike Huddleston (A) — Vertigo

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A young Olympic Snowboarder named Kaley Markowic suffers a head injury during competition and develops retrograde amnesia, leaving her unable to recall her life before the accident. While she attempts to recover, Kaley and her friends are attacked by a Lovecraftian-like creature that devours memories and begins to literally erase Kaley from everyone else's memory.

Meanwhile, an ad man named Mike Neville is suffering a nervous breakdown and welcomes the influence of the creature into his life, in order to help it spread...

WHY IT WORKS: One of the most original horror comics in years, Fawkes and Rodionoff masterfully created a unique monster that doesn't simply want to kill its victims. The entire series is fraught with tension and anxiety. Outside of the creature's influence, the writers also explore the ramifications of Kaley's memory loss as even her friends try to manipulate her to their advantage. Read More...

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