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HalcyonWay back in June 2009, we gave you an early peek at "Resurrection," writer Marc Guggenheim's comic book series that followed a small group of human survivors in the aftermath of an alien invasion. One of the co-writers on the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, Guggenheim was simultaneously scripting the Oni Press comic and a screenplay for a live-action "Resurrection" movie when MTV News spoke with him last year.

This month, Guggenheim's brand new comic book series "Halcyon" hit shelves, and just like "Resurrection," it also deals with the aftermath of some big events in the world. Guggenheim's first co-writing project with his wife, "Halcyon" explores the question of what the world's superheroes do when the battle for truth, justice, and everything else, well... ends.

I spoke to Guggenheim last month to get some background on "Halcyon," to find out whether there's also a movie in the works for this new title, and to get a status report on the "Resurrection" movie. Read More...

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Todd McFarlane's plans to bring "Spawn" back to the animated world are still materializing, as the comic book creator recently told us that the project is undergoing various animation and technology tests through different studios.

But even as certain aspects of the "Spawn" series are getting ironed out, there's one thing that McFarlane says the fans can count on: just like the last animated series that aired on HBO, this latest "Spawn" adaptation will absolutely retain its edgy status as a mature audience series.

"Absolutely," McFarlane told MTV News when asked whether or not the new series would preserve the old show's dark tone. "We're gong to a cable network, and that's their bread and butter." Read More...

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As Marvel Entertainment's chief creative officer and editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada has been at the forefront of the Marvel brand for the past ten years. But even as he occupies the leadership role for a new generation of Marvel readers, there are shoes out there that Quesada won't even attempt to fill — namely, the shoes belonging to Stan Lee.

Actively involved in the Marvel Studios film slate, Quesada still has yet to make a cameo appearance in "Iron Man" or any other number of Marvel movies — and according to the editor-in-chief, he wants that gig to remain Stan's.

"That's Stan Lee's gig," Quesada told MTV News at New York Comic Con. "That's Stan's thing. I don't think anybody wants to see me — they want to see Stan." Read More...

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It goes without saying that "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" has had its fair share of difficulties. Between frequent stops and starts due to budget troubles and cast members dropping in and out, it hasn't been an easy road for the Spider-Man musical.

But at long last, the Broadway show is almost here — and according to Stan Lee, it's worth the wait.

"It's more than a Broadway musical," Lee told MTV News during an interview at New York Comic Con earlier this month. "It's a Broadway extravaganza!" Read More...

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Deadpool"Deadpool" co-creator Rob Liefeld has been quite vocal when it comes to the developing live-action film based on the Marvel Comics character, but he's not the only comic book pro with deep ties to the ol' Merc With A Mouth.

Take Joe Kelly, for instance. The "Ben 10" co-creator and author of "I Kill Giants" is considered one of the great authorities on "Deadpool," having written the acclaimed opening run on the character's first solo series in the late 1990s.

"I'm pretty excited about it," he told MTV News during New York Comic Con. "If [Ryan Reynolds] stays involved, I know he's somebody who's loved Deadpool forever and was a huge champion of the film. I think that they know what worked and didn't work in 'Wolverine,' and they want to do a Deadpool movie that the fans are going to love." Read More...

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Marvel Studios have very carefully laid the groundwork for "The Avengers," sowing the seeds in past pictures like "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" and upcoming endeavors such as "Thor" and "Captain America." But while the Marvel movie universe has thrived on the big screen, further stories set within this continuity could unfold somewhere else: the comic book page.

"We're actually working on some interesting ways of marketing the Marvel cinematic universe — I guess the MCU, we could call it," Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada told MTV News at New York Comic Con. "We know the stories that we want to tell, and for the uninitiated, the MCU are going to be stories set within movie continuity." Read More...

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"The Walking Dead" makes its long-awaited debut on AMC this weekend, offering one heck of a Halloween treat for television audiences.

Given the timing of the premiere, it's easy to guess what the "Walking Dead" cast and creators will be doing this Halloween, but what about in years past? Given all the time they've spent around zombies lately, I asked "The Walking Dead" team about their go-to horror movies for the Halloween season, and which scare-fests get pulled from their shelf every year around this time.

We gave you an early peek at Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd's answers last week, and now you can find out what the rest of the cast and creative team had to say. Read More...

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Ever since the first images of zombies from "The Walking Dead" hit the 'net, it was clear that fans needn't be afraid of Robert Kirkman's post-apocalyptic saga getting softened for television. What they should be afraid of, however, was the magic worked by makeup effects supervisor Greg Nicotero in bringing the shambling, flesh-hungry creatures to life... or in this case, living death.

Yesterday we brought you a brand new clip from "The Walking Dead" featuring a particularly terrifying zombie that main character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) encounters in the series' premiere. When I spoke to "The Walking Dead" producers Gale Anne Hurd and Frank Darabont (who also wrote and directed the premiere), I asked them which zombies were their favorites from the six episodes filmed.

"You know what I love? I love the zombie [with the] axe through the head," Hurd told MTV News. "That's one of my favorites." Read More...

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We're mere days away from the premiere of "The Walking Dead" television series now, and while Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont, and everyone else associated with the project assure us there will be plenty of surprises for longtime readers of the comic, it's always interesting to find out whether the cast themselves are keeping up with the print adventures of Rick Grimes and his ragtag group of zombie-apocalypse survivors.

During New York Comic Con, I posed that question to cast members Norman Reedus (who plays a new character invented for the TV series named Daryl Dixon), Laurie Holden (Andrea), and Steven Yeun (Glenn).

"I knew the comic book visually, but I never really got into the characters and stuff, but on set I was reading them and trying to catch up and see where people go," Reedus told MTV News. "It's good that [Daryl Dixon] isn't in the comic book, because I'm such a freak I would try to find out when I die." Read More...

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"The Walking Dead" television series premieres on Halloween night, but as perfect as that timing seems to be for AMC's adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic zombie comic, it wasn't the original schedule the network had planned. According to "Walking Dead" creator (and television series executive producer) Robert Kirkman, the network punted on its original premiere date after realizing it would be going head to head with Minnesota Vikings quarterback and future Hall of Fame inductee Brett Favre.

"Can I talk out of school? I don't know if I can [say] this, but that wasn't our original launch date — which I think is the funniest story ever," Kirkman told MTV News during New York Comic Con earlier this month. Read More...

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