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'Prince of Persia'Anyone with any sort of geek-cred knows "Prince of Persia" as the successful video game franchise, but fans of the series know that there's much, much more to the story than an Arabian Prince who can magically stop time. And if you don't know about the game property that's soon to be a Jerry Bruckheimer-helmed major motion picture (and you can check out more info on that here), then "Prince of Persia" creator Jordan Mechner is gonna set you straight. And if he can't, then the recently-released original graphic novel certainly will.

According to Mechner, the "Prince of Persia" original graphic novel (published by First Second Books) will tie together the various incarnations and storylines of the franchise -- something that even the creator admits wasn't an easy task.

"When we started the book, there was the question which Prince [should we follow]," recalled Mechner, citing the different versions of "Prince of Persia -- from the original video game and its multiple sequels, as well as the upcoming film to which he wrote the screenplay. Read More...

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