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SupermanSuperman made headlines this week with DC Comics' announcement that he will be renouncing his U.S. citizenship in "Action Comics." You'll find countless opinions on Twitter from people who don't read many comics, but Jamal Igle, Gail Simone and Matthew Clark all chimed in to help balance the scales.

And while we're on the subject of "Action Comics," writer Paul Cornell was fun to follow this morning during Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. Relive the suspense and see what bothered Neil Kleid the most about the whole event after the jump.

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HannaKobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers can be divisive subjects when it comes to the NBA right now. For example, just look at the opinions expressed by Francis Manapul and Rob Liefeld last night.

And speaking of divisive subjects, President Barack Obama's birth certificate showed up in tweeting this morning after the White House released copies to the public. However, zombie theories are still floating around out there! Check out who needs convincing and who related to the film "Hanna" after the jump.

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Game of ThronesAs if there were any doubt, "Game of Thrones" has a officially taken on the role of the most talked about Sunday night TV show for the moment, at least among the 500 or so comics folks on the Twitter Report follow list. Last night's episode "The Kingsroad" seems to have convinced Ron Marz and Phil Hester to keep watching. Jon Favreau, meanwhile, just loves the credit sequence.

In real-world royal topics, Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton's showing up everywhere you don't want to read about it. Edgar Wright's worried about what leaving his homeland during the festivities will mean. His thoughts and Rob Williams' new name for Karen Gillan's "Doctor Who" character await you after the jump.

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Game of ThronesEver since HBO announced that they would be adapting George R. R. Martin's "Game of Thrones" for TV, fantasy nerddom has anxiously been awaiting its arrival. After weeks of tweeting about the show, everyone finally got to see the first episode last night, and Bill Willingham, Ed Brubaker and Marjorie Liu all seem to have checked the "Like" box.

That's not to say that there weren't a few critics in the audience as well, though. I'm not entirely sure which end of that spectrum Fred Van Lente's assessment fell on, but Brubaker and Willingham suggested some improvements, Joe Hill felt left out of the party and Brian Lynch just wants to see more angry geeks in the world.

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American GodsTweeters had a lot to keep track of last night, and the diversity of discussion this morning reflected that. Neil Gaiman fans have been buzzing about HBO developing an "American Gods" adaptation, while Jon Favreau was monitoring reactions to the new "Cowboys and Aliens" trailer, and everyone with an opinion on Ayn Rand and a Twitter account seems to have something to say about the "Atlas Shrugged" film.

And somehow two posts addressed quantities of Batman, as Jock mentioned how much he has to draw right now and R. Stevens asked whether or not we're all maxed out on the Caped Crusader. These retweets and more made the day's rundown after the jump.

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Foo FightersTweeters in the comics world had sequels on their mind today. Mark Millar projected how long it will be before he's able to wrap up "Kick-Ass 2," while Bryan Lynch made an ingenius pitch to the twittersphere for a new "Kid and Play" film. Meanwhile, Gail Simone doesn't seem to be eager to see a new "Bill and Ted" flick.

In other posting, Rob Liefeld pumped some positivity toward Damon Lindelof with a defense of the "Lost" ending. His thoughts and an appraisal of webcomics by his fellow Image founder Erik Larsen can be seen down below.

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Darren AronofskyDisappointment rang out on the Twitter Report's follow list yesterday after news broke Darren Aronofsky is no long directing "The Wolverine." Mark Millar has hopes for a replacement, though, and you'll definitely want to see what he had to say.

Ron Marz, meanwhile, laid out his wish for Zack Snyder's "Superman" reboot. That, as well as some reaction to the recent developments in Libya and a "Rango" evaluation await you after the jump.

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Charlie SheenThe comics Twitterverse can't quite figure out what to do with most of the things coming out of Charlie Sheen's mouth these days, but that hasn't stopped wave after wave of awkward jokes and observations from showing up this week.

On a sadder note, the entertainment industry lost actress Jane Russell on Monday. Edgar Wright, Mark Millar and Justin Gray all mourned her passing, while Gabriel Hardman noted the importance of North Hollywood video store owner and former Hanna-Barbera writer and cartoonist Eddie Brandt, whose death also sent some ripples through posting today. Click on down to check out what they had to say and see who Andy Diggle might have preferred in the role of Scott Pilgrim over Michael Cera.

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ThundercatsEveryone seems to have opinions about British actor Henry Cavill taking over as Superman, but Paul Cornell turned the tables today and questioned how his countrymen might respond to an American Doctor. I think I'd be down with it for a one-time, made-for-TV movie, but only so long as it didn't waste an incarnation.

On the other side of the globe, Brian Michael Bendis has been plotting TV-related "Powers" things. He didn't delve into specifics, but he did tease his activities yesterday. Find out how the meetings made him feel, as well as who isn't having any of the new Snarf appearing in the upcoming ThunderCats animated series.

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Henry CavillThe death of James Bond composer John Barry hit Twitter hard this morning, especially in the U.K. Mark Millar, Jimmy Palmiotti and Edgar Wright all offered their thoughts on his passing, as did Bryan Hitch.

In the world of comic book films, news that Henry Cavill will play Superman also rocked posting yesterday. The jokes seemed to outnumber more serious commentary, but Erik Larsen did slip in a sincere wish for Zack Snyder and company. Find out what that was, as well as how the Pro Bowl stacked up against the SAG Awards for one writer down below.

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