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sgtrockGuy Ritchie has been busy with directing the “Sherlock Holmes” sequel, "A Game of Shadows,” but he might already have his next project on his plate... and it's a blast from the past on more than one level.

According to Twitch Film, Ritchie is once again being courted by Warner Brothers for a film version of “Sgt. Rock.” We say "once again" because Ritchie was previously attached to the project before "I Am Legend" director Francis Lawrence replaced him.


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Swamp ThingIt's been a while since we heard anything regarding the hinted-at plans for new films based on DC's "Swamp Thing" and "Sgt. Rock" comic books. And while that sort of radio silence can sometimes mean good things are afoot behind the scenes, that doesn't seem to be the case for these two projects.

MTV News recently spoke with "Swamp Thing" and "Sgt. Rock" producer Joel Silver during the press junket for his latest film, "Unknown," and got an update of sorts on the two projects.

"I don’t know, there are rights issues with Swamp Thing," Silver told MTV News when asked if we'll ever see the 3-D "Swamp Thing" movie he hinted at back in August 2009. "I’m not sure if we could clear that up but we’re always working on something. We like the idea of making a 3-D version of that story, but it’s not something we can do right now." Read More...

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan has two reasons to celebrate this week. For one, "The Losers" comes out tomorrow. For another, it's his birthday today!

In the past couple of years, Morgan has established himself pretty firmly with the comic book crowd thanks to his praised turn as The Comedian in "Watchmen" and his upcoming role as Clay, the leader of the Losers. But with the Sylvain White-directed action movie set to hit theaters in just a few short hours, Morgan is once again left without a current comic book role.

In honor of the terrific actor's birthday and his forthcoming movie premiere, we've listed five other comic book roles that Morgan could play with ease. Read More...

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DESCWhen "Sgt. Rock" eventually hits the big screen, there won't be any Nazis or allied forces to speak of — not unless these soldiers are using high-tech weaponry in a futuristic setting, that is.

Producer Joel Silver spoke with Hero Complex about the upcoming "Sgt. Rock" film, saying that the previously revealed plan to bring Rock into the future is still in place.

Despite the updated time period, however, Silver said that "Rock" won't go too far into the future.

"It's a little bit in the future," he clarified, though Silver still acknowledged that the old war hero's World War II origins won't play a role in the comic book adaptation. Read More...

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Swamp Thing"Sherlock Holmes" producer Joel Silver has his hands full with films based on literary heroes these days, and as many comic book fans are aware, quite a few of those projects hail from the DC Comics universe.

Since his name is attached to many of the projects we're most excited about these days, Silver offered MTV News a quick update on some of those projects during the "Sherlock Holmes" red carpet event last week. We pressed the comics-friendly producer for his thoughts on everything from "Swamp Thing" to "Lobo" and many of the other films drawing on DC's massive stable of characters.


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Sgt. RockGuy Ritchie's attachment to "Sgt. Rock" was immediately put in question once the filmmaker was announced for "Lobo," but now the question has been answered—Ritchie is out and a new team is in for the DC war hero's big-screen debut.

"I Am Legend" helmer Francis Lawrence is the latest director attached to the long-developing "Sgt. Rock" film, based on a new screenplay from Chad St. John. Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman, two names with plenty of comic book connections, are producing the picture. Despite the departure of Ritchie, the addition of a new director-writer team means that fans of the classic World War II hero can hope to see Rock on the big screen before too long.

Except that Sgt. Rock won't be a World War II hero in this version—instead, he's heading into the future. Read More...


Guy Ritchie"Sherlock Holmes" director Guy Ritchie has been dabbling in that weird space between the comics and movie worlds for quite some time now. His original creation for now-defunct publisher Virgin Comics, an action series titled "Gamekeeper," has been stuck somewhere in the adaptation phase since the publisher folded, while the filmmaker's name has long been attached to a potential big-screen feature based on DC Comics war hero "Sgt. Rock."

When we caught up with Ritchie recently, the English writer/director of "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" got us up to speed on where both of those projects stand—and why his first foray in the comic book movie world could come from an entirely different direction. Read More...

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'Sgt. Rock'While Guy Ritchie's plans for a live-action "Sgt. Rock" movie have been sidelined by his work on the in-production "Sherlock Holmes" (which happens to star "Iron Man" Robert Downey Jr.), that doesn't mean DC's best-known war hero isn't on his mind.

"I think people are slightly intimidated by the size of the budget," Ritchie told MTV, "but I think we have a good script."

Reiterating the opinion he shared with MTV back in September, Ritchie said he'd "very much like to do 'Sgt. Rock'" -- and even said he had a particular actor in mind for the lead role. Read More...

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'Sgt. Rock'While on the London set of Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes," producers Joel Silver and Susan Downey provided an update of sorts to a few other comics-themed projects currently on their plate -- namely "Sgt. Rock" and "The Losers" -- and offered up an explanation as to why we haven't seen much forward movement with them.

Silver told SuperHeroHype that the progress of Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" had basically back-burnered Ritchie's plans for a "Sgt. Rock" movie, since both films would share an edgy, WWII-themed story.

"It made sense to kind of jump off 'Sgt. Rock' and jump onto 'Sherlock Holmes,' because it was something that was really different and unique," said Silver "'Inglourious Basterds' is a war movie and I'm looking forward to seeing it, but it's something that was a direct competition to 'Sgt. Rock' so I felt that we should hold off and do that when we can." Read More...

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Sgt. RockDespite all the news about his upcoming "Sherlock Holmes" project starring Robert Downey, Jr. tearing up the internet, Guy Ritchie refuses to rest on his laurels. In an interview with MTV News, Ritchie spoke about another project that he's still dying to take a shot at -- an adaptation starring DC Comics' flagship war hero, Sgt. Rock.

While Ritchie on "Rock" has been a rumor for some time now, the "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" director was quick to point out that he's still planning on making the film, it's just gotten bumped down his schedule for other projects -- namely, "Sherlock Holmes." Read More...

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