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Anne Hathaway

It appears Anne Hathaway was always destined to play a cat-inspired criminal in a comic book movie!

In a new interview with Vulture to promote "Oz the Great and Powerful," Sam Raimi confirmed that Hathaway was lined up to play Felicia Hardy — better known to Spidey fans as Black Cat — in his planned "Spider-Man 4," before he and Sony agreed to cancel the picture. Instead, she went on to play Selina Kyle in "The Dark Knight Rises."

"I didn't get to see Batman yet, because I've been working nonstop on Oz, but I hear she's great in it," he said of Hathaway's Catwoman performance. "I'm not surprised, because I loved what she was doing with the auditions for Spider-Man 4."


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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone may look oh so fine as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in what we’ve seen of Marvel’s upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate as to what might have come to fruition within Sam Raimi’s well-received take on the Spidey movie universe.

If one man makes it his business to act like he knows what’s going on in the Spider-Man universe, it’s Parker’s perpetually incensed boss, J. Jonah Jameson. During this year’s Sundance Film Festival, we made it our business to tap seasoned actor J.K. Simmons and find out what would have happened for Triple-J had Raimi retained the reigns.

“With those movies we always started with the script and then we expanded on it a lot,” Simmons explained to MTV News. Read More...

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It seems like ages ago that we were pestering Sam Raimi for information about the fourth installment of his blockbuster "Spider-Man" movie franchise, and new casting rumors were hitting the 'net on a daily basis.

One of the more intriguing rumors to make the rounds had "Red" actor John Malkovich playing The Vulture in "Spider-Man 4" . When MTV News caught up with him during the "Red" junket, we asked him if there was any truth to the suggestion that he'd play the winged criminal Adrian Toomes.

"There wasn't really a script as far as I knew," he said of the "Spider-Man 4" status when rumors began to surface. "There were some pages." Read More...

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Dianna AgronThe search for Spider-Man's new love interest carries on. Most recent reports had pegged "Zombieland" star Emma Stone and "Alice in Wonderland" newcomer Mia Wasikowska as possible contenders for Peter Parker's lady love, and now three new actresses are entering the ring.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures has added three new names to the "Spider-Man" romance mix: "Glee" star Dianna Agron, "Wasted on the Young" actress Georgina Haig and briefly seen "Moon" player Dominique McElligott.

But wait, there's more — beyond looking at possible new leading ladies, there's also "early unconfirmed talk" of Philip Seymour Hoffman having a role to play in the reboot as... Venom?! Read More...

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When it comes to the “Spider-Man” movie franchise these days, it seems like there are far more questions that answers. Are all these casting rumors accurate? Will the king of 3-D, James Cameron, have any influence on how Marc Webb tackles the gig? And did Sam Raimi ever get close enough to rolling cameras that there were concrete plans for the supporting characters ?

Over the years, we’ve spoken with Anne Hathaway many times and always found her to be exactly as you’d expect: Sweet, polite and never one to speak out of school. And when it came time to speak with her last week for the upcoming release of Tim Burton's “Alice in Wonderland” re-imagining, we remembered that it was our first time talking with the actress since Raimi’s “Spider Man 4” plans fell apart. So, it seemed reasonable that Hathaway might finally be willing to reveal how truthful those rumors were about her having a role in the now-canceled film.

Hathaway gave us a statement that reminded us of that earlier fact about her: She’s sweet, polite and never one to speak out of school. Read More...

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Spider-ManFROM MTV.COM: Monday's shocking announcement that one of the decade's most successful film franchises has thrown in the towel on a fourth installment hit fans as hard as a Sandman punch to the face. Now, Raimi and Tobey and Kirsten and everyone else are going to move on to other projects, and all we can do is miss them — and, of course, look back on the better days.

Remembering back to the 2001 press conference in a wrestling ring that started it all — yep, I was there! — all the way up to Monday's sad goodbye, it somehow seems like "Spider-Man 4" was the most dramatic movie in the series, simply through its production twists and turns. And so, it is with great affection that we look back on the roller-coaster ride of the Spidey movie we'll never see.

Continue reading 'Spider-Man 4': What A Tangled Web It Wove at Movies.MTV.com.

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Spider-Man"Spider-Man 4" is dead. Long live the new "Spider-Man" movie franchise!

Okay, so maybe popular sentiment isn't quite that positive regarding the recent news that Sony will reboot the "Spider-Man" franchise in 2012 with a new movie, director and star. But why should it be?

While reports from the "Spider-Man 4" front have included no small amount of obstacles to production, yesterday's announcement still came as a surprise to most fans. And now many of the Spider-Man faithful are left wondering what's in store for Peter Parker and his surrounding cast — and more importantly, whether his big-screen future is in good hands.

With that in mind, here are the five burning questions the studio should answer soon (either directly or by way of "Spider-Man" movie news) if they're hoping to keep fans excited about the wall-crawler's future in theaters. Read More...

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Sam RaimiFROM MTV.COM: Now that Sam Raimi has left the "Spider-Man" franchise over creative differences, it's time for the filmmaker to find a new phase in his career. Will he follow his last film "Drag Me to Hell" with further returns to the horror genre he's well known for? Or will he move on to other big Hollywood blockbusters? Here are some of the projects Raimi has lined up, either as director, producer or both:

"Warcraft": Certain to be Raimi's next directorial effort, this adaptation of the enormously popular video game franchise could be an even bigger deal than the "Spider-Man" series. The movie has an expected budget of more than $220 million ("Spider-Man 3" cost $258 million), Raimi told MTV News last October that it will be as faithful as possible to the mythology of the game. "Saving Private Ryan" screenwriter Robert Rodat is currently crafting an original story based on the "World of Warcraft" universe. Raimi was set to helm this after wrapping on "Spider-Man 4," but perhaps production on "Warcraft" will be moved up now that Raimi has left the superhero sequel.

Continue reading What's Next For 'Spider-Man' Director Sam Raimi? at Movies.MTV.com.

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Sony's decision to reboot their Spider-Man franchise instead of making "Spider-Man 4" means that moviegoers will see an entirely new Peter Parker in theaters for 2012. Not just anyone can play Spidey, though. The part demands an actor who can play a socially maladjusted teenager while still being able to slip into spandex and wisecrack like it's going out of style.

Since the only details Sony has released indicate that their new Spider-Man film will take place during Peter's teenage years, we can only assume that whoever gets the part will need to walk and talk like a high school student.

Here are five actors we think could handle the great power and great responsibility of the role. Read More...

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Spider-ManNow that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire have officially departed the "Spider-Man" franchise, it's well worth pondering who the next director and lead actor to join the property are going to be.

While "Spider-Man 3" certainly suffered its fair share of criticism, the combination of Raimi and Maguire won over the majority of fans in the initial two installments. Finding adequate replacements isn't good enough — Sony needs to find the best of the best.

For now, let's focus on the director's chair. Raimi's shoes are big ones to fill — he brought the indie sensibilities of his "Evil Dead" days to "Spider-Man," offering a unique take on the character and his world that no other director could replicate. Given that, a drastically different approach is a must, but not one lacking in the same kind of quality. These five directors could go a long way towards taking the "Spider-Man" franchise in a bold new direction. Read More...

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