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DESCEarlier in the year, David Goyer provided a much-needed update on "Super Max"—the Green Arrow-centric movie that would feature DC's Emerald Archer wrongfully imprisoned in a maximum security jail for supervillains—by saying that a new writer would be coming aboard the project.

Shortly thereafter, however, a potential game-changer came in the form of "Supermax," an almost identically titled horror project with a very similar premise to Goyer's planned film. Given that news, we recently explained why "Super Max" should be a priority for the newly formed DC Entertainment..

But according to Goyer, the arrival of "Supermax" isn't necessarily the end for Oliver Queen's prison sentence. Read More...

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Green ArrowLike it or not, "Super Max" could well be in danger. The Green Arrow-starring film has unexpected competition in the form of "Supermax"—an almost identically titled movie with a similar premise, except instead of super villains incarcerated in a maximum security prison, the focus is on supernatural killers.

For this reason, I identified "Green Arrow" as one of the top five franchises that DC Entertainment needs to prioritize as they go forth with their movie plans.

Of course, "Super Max" can't happen without an Emerald Archer—certainly not in its current script form—so here are a few actors that would deliver a bullseye as Oliver Queen. Read More...

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Green ArrowNews regarding "Super Max," a supervillain prison film focusing on DC hero Green Arrow, had slowed to a halt over the past year, but David Goyer recently assured MTV News that "super Max" was still in development with new writers attached. Now, it looks like "Supermax" is about to take a big step forward—but it's not the film you think it is.

Bloody Disgusting reports that "Supermax"—not to be confused with "Super Max," the Justin Marks-penned DC Comics/Warner Bros. film—is in development from Sony's Columbia Pictures with Christopher Allen Nelson and Mitch Rouse attached as screenwriters. According to the site, "Supermax" focuses on a maximum security prison for supernatural criminals. After a riot breaks out amongst the inmates, a prison guard and one of the inmates band together to survive the encounter.

Sound familiar? Well, it should.


Green Arrow: Super MaxIt's been almost a full year since we last heard anything about David Goyer's supervillain prison film, "Super Max." Initially conceived as a story that puts DC hero Green Arrow on the wrong side of prison bars and needing to plan an escape with the help of some of the publisher's most famous rogues, updates have been few and far between since buzz died down last year.

However, with a script that potentially includes cameos from the likes of Lex Luthor, The Riddler and The Joker, it's no surprise that the project's status became a topic of conversation during our recent chat with Goyer.

"We're working on that. We're about to bring on another writer," Goyer told MTV News. "Obviously, Warner Bros. is now heavily into mining all of the various DC properties." Read More...

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Black CanaryJustin Marks’ script for “Super Max” includes cameos for the Riddler, Lex Luther, and the Joker. Heck, as he admitted in our extensive chat about the film, even the prison itself is something of a major character. Everybody’s getting love in the first big-screen incarnation of the Green Arrow. Well, everybody but his wife...

As yet, there are no plans for the Black Canary -- Oliver Queen’s super-heroine wife -- to make an appearance in the film, Marks said, although he remains hopeful that she will eventually be written in.

“I mean, right now he's in prison. It's the kind of thing where I know there's talk of working with her, and she's obviously a huge part of Ollie's life and now that they're married especially,” Marks said. “[But] I don’t know. I don’t know how they’re kind of planning on doing it.” Read More...

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Heath Ledger as the Joker in 'The Dark Knight'The legend surrounding Heath Ledger's Joker is already growing at a staggering rate, with some even calling it the best villain of all-time. But given Ledger's untimely demise earlier this year, could it possibly be the last we'll see of the Joker on the big-screen for a long, long time?

Absolutely not, insisted "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight" scribe David Goyer, who already has plans to bring the Joker back to the big-screen, and soon. Just not in "Batman 3."

"His name is a throwaway. He's on a cell," Goyer said of the Joker's appearance in "Super Max," the Green Arrow movie he's written which takes place at a penitentiary for super villains in the DC Universe. "You don't actually see him, just his name on a cell. It's a real Easter Egg. That's one cross-pollination we would stay away from [doing more with]." Read More...

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