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"Surrogates," director Jonathan Mostow's big-screen adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's comic book series, arrives on shelves next week. As regular readers know, we've been all over the film since it was first announced several years ago — mainly because we're all big fans of the book around Splash Page HQ.

That's why we're happy to present an exclusive preview of one of the bonus features on the "Surrogates" DVD and Blu-Ray. In "Breaking the Frame," Venditti describes the long, strange trip "Surrogates" has taken from the mailroom at Top Shelf Productions to a feature film starring Bruce Willis.

"Surrogates" arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray January 26. Read on for a full breakdown of the specs for each release. Read More...

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WatchmenLast week, we asked MTV readers to vote on their favorite comic book movie of 2009, and now the votes are in!

With more than 50 percent of the total votes, "Watchmen" was the top choice among fans — and by a wide margin, too. When all the votes were tallied, Zack Snyder's live-action adaptation of the classic Alan Moore graphic novel was the clear-cut winner over "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," which received half as many votes to nab the second-place spot.

However, while many predicted a victory by Rorschach, Nite Owl and the rest of "Watchmen" cast, there were some surprises in the final vote — namely among the animated features. Read More...

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X-Men Origins: WolverineIt's that time of year when we run down our favorite projects from the world of comics and comic book movies, folks. And while that's all well and good, this year I want to make sure Splash Page readers have a say in all the "Best Of" madness, too!

Next week, we're rolling out bunches of "Best Of" lists covering our favorite books, series, films and anything else that made big waves around Splash Page HQ over the last year — and along with rolling out our own picks, we'll reveal your pick for the best comic book movie of 2009.

Was "Wolverine" the best there was at what it did (this year)? Has distance (and the rest of the year's films) made you fonder of "Watchmen"? Or was one of this year's animated movies (i.e., "Hulk Vs." or "Green Lantern: First Flight") better than anything the live-action world had to offer? Read More...

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The Surrogates"Surrogates" hits theaters today, and Jonathan Mostow's adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel already received a positive review from our very own Kurt Loder. As longtime readers are well aware, we've been covering this film since it was in its earliest stages, bringing you news about the film's cast, story, potential sequels (both on-screen and in comics form), and many of the differences between the film and its source material.

In an effort to get you up to speed on all things "Surrogates," I've compiled a roundup of "Surrogates" coverage from the Splash Page archives featuring lots of things you should know (and a few things you don't need to know, but are cool anyway). Read More...

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Twitter - Scott PilgrimThree of the biggest comic book movies in Hollywood right now have prompted chatter on Twitter over the last 24 hours. Top Shelf publishers Chris Staros and Brett Warnock both attended the "Surrogates" premiere last night and snapped a few shots from the red carpet.

"Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" will be at the end of the red carpet soon enough, but first, Edgar Wright will have to finish editing the film. And thanks to Twitter, Bryan Lee O'Malley can gently inquire as the project approaches its finish line.

"The Losers" will be there too, and Andy Diggle posted an update regarding Zoe Saldana's hospitality and the Jock artwork used for an on-set chair. Check out all of that and more below in the Twitter Report for September 25, 2009. Read More...

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SurrogatesFROM MTV MOVIES: In "Surrogates," nobody goes to work anymore, or even leaves the house much. Instead, lifelike robo-mannequins are dispatched to undertake the day's business while their operators sit at home with headsets and watch. These surrogates tend toward whitebread perfection — blonder of hair, bluer of eye and hotter of bod than their owners — but they can also be purchased in any race or gender desired. Imagine the benefits.

Cops and combat soldiers no longer need risk their real lives. Communicable diseases fade away, along with various sorts of prejudice. (That hot number your surry just picked up in a club might actually be some leering lardo sprawled at home on his living-room sofa.) Life — or at least "life" — is good.

The movie makes significant alterations (mainly of gender and motivation) in the Robert Venditti comic books on which it's based; but these changes, for a change, actually enhance the story.

Continue reading Kurt Loder's review of "Surrogates" at Movies.MTV.com.

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SurrogatesBy my count, Bruce Willis has taken on some sort of law-enforcing, crime-solving, humanity-protecting, uniform-wearing big-screen role 18 times in his career. You might say the guy has something of a cinematic Messiah complex.

Today, the sci-fi graphic novel adaptation "Surrogates"—in which Willis plays an FBI agent in a world where humans uses robotic doppelgangers in everyday life while they chill in the safety of their homes—brings the actor's total to 19 and climbing. Here are some of our favorites.

John McClane (the "Die Hard" films): Any conversation about Bruce Willis and cops must begin with McClane, whose foul-mouthed catchphrases have entered the pop culture lexicon and whose barefoot-on-broken-glass disregard for his own well-being continues to set the bar high for adrenaline-raising action flicks. Heck, it was enough to earn McClane a Greatest Movie Badasses Of All Time" nod. Read More...

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FROM MTV.COM: It's already been a smash comic book, and we've been following its development into a movie for quite some time. Now, the Bruce Willis sci-fi flick "Surrogates" is finally hitting theaters this weekend, fueled by one very provocative question: If you had a robot doppelgänger to live life for you, what would you do with it?

"My surrogate would be fighting fires and saving the world," said Radha Mitchell, one of the stars of the film. "The surrogate could also be doing all that menial stuff. My surrogate would be doing everything. I could just relax and get a massage instead."

"I'd send him down to Washington, tell him to fire all the politicians and start looking for that $780 billion they can't seem to find," grinned Willis, who plays the futuristic cop investigating a series of murders in a world where people stay indoors, resting while their robots do all the living for them. "It'd be a good day."

For more on what the "Surrogates" cast would do with their robotic stand-ins, head over to Movies.MTV.com.

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Those looking forward to Jonathan Mostow's big-screen adaptation of "The Surrogates" starring Bruce Willis will want to check out the new set of images and Breaking Benjamin music video released by Touchstone Pictures this week.

The new images provide a few fresh peeks at the live-action adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's science-fiction series, while the video for Breaking Benjamin's track "I Will Not Bow" (which appears on the "Surrogates" soundtrack) provides a heap of new footage from the film. In fact, there's so much to see in the video that a SPOILER WARNING could be necessary. Check it out:

Sure, that was a lot to digest, but don't forget about the new images, too! Read More...

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"Surrogates" lands in theaters September 25, and while Jonathan Mostow's adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel won't include the original story's villain, it will include quite a bit of Bruce Willis as the story's protagonist, Detective Harvey Greer.

We've already seen at least one image of Willis on the set of the film, and now we have another exclusive photo of the actor in action as Greer. Check it out:


From the amount of hair Willis is sporting in the photo (and the lack thereof in the previous image of Willis), it's pretty clear that we're looking at Greer's robotic surrogate in the above photo, and not the flesh-and-blood detective. Read More...

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