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'Tales of the Black Freighter'Yesterday we posted a trio of images from "Tales of the Black Freighter," the story-within-a-story from "Watchmen" that director Zack Snyder adapted into an animated feature to accompany the recently released blockbuster. Featuring the voice of "300" star Gerard Butler, "Black Freighter" tells the tale of a man desperate to save his home from a bloodthirsty crew of pirates by any means necessary, and the descent into madness spawned by his vengeance-fueled mission.

Empire Online has posted a featurette focusing on "Black Freighter" and narrated by production designer Chris Watts that explains the genesis of the animated project and why it was such an important part of the "Watchmen" story. (Check out the full video after the jump.) Read More...

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For "Watchmen" fans, along with the film's March 6 wide release, March 24 has been another date that we've all been counting down to, as tomorrow marks the on-sale date of "Watchmen: Tales Of The Black Freighter" and "Under the Hood" -- and at last, we can witness the full "Watchmen" experience. And to whet our ravenous geek appetite, the folks over at Warner Premiere have sent us three new images from the animated adventure.

'Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter'

After the jump, we've got the rest of the nightmarish, cannibalistic pirate goodness. Read More...

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'Watchmen: Under The Hood'Even though the buzz surrounding "Watchmen" has slowly begun to die down (if last weekend's box office drop is any indication, that is), fans of the film still have plenty to look forward -- namely, "Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter," the upcoming two-disc DVD/Blu-ray feature containing the titular story and the Minutemen exposé, "Under the Hood," both originally parts of the best-selling "Watchmen" comic but not included in the film.

And while we've been able to show plenty from "Tales of the Black Freighter" here at Splash Page, very little has been seen or heard about with regards to "Under the Hood" -- a pseudo tell-all book by Hollis Mason (a.k.a. Nite Owl I) which chronicles the rise and fall of the original Minutemen (highlights of which were very briefly touched on in the title sequence of "Watchmen"). Today, however, Warner Bros. has released a Q & A with "Under the Hood" director Eric Matthies, in which he discusses his approach to the adaptation, the cast, and his favorite scene from the animated feature. Read More...

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'Tales of the Black Freighter'It's been a heckuva a week for those of us looking forward to the wide-release of "Watchmen" -- from our exclusive clip of My Chemical Romance's offering to the soundtrack, to all-new posters and images, to exclusive interviews with director Zack Snyder -- if there's still anyone out there not excited for the March 6 release, then they're just not paying attention.

And Warner Bros. has added the icing to the proverbial cake this afternoon, by releasing the specs to the accompanying DVD and Blu-ray collection of "Watchmen: The Black Freighter & Under the Hood" (the stories within the story for those of you who haven't read the comic). After the jump, we'll run down what fans can expect from the set. Read More...

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Tales of the Black FreighterYou know "Watchmen" is going to be dark. Now it looks like its tandem DVD-release pirate story may be even darker. Last year, the New York Times reported that Warner Bros. would be releasing two of the “Watchmen” graphic novel’s stories-within-the-story as their own DVD feature. Today, it looks the pirate comic within the comic, “Tales of the Black Freighter,” may have earned an R rating from the MPAA, according to RopeofSilicon.com.

Warner Bros. has been breaking out loads of extra “Watchmen” content ahead of the film’s March 6 release date, which may be dangling by a thread. And anyone who’s been watching the trailers knows director Zack Snyder fully intends to flesh out original writer Alan Moore’s bleak portrait on superheroes. Read More...

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Gerard Butler at Comic-ConWalking around Comic-Con, and talking to the fans in attendance, it's clear there are only two movies coming out next year: "Watchmen" and "Everything Else." Such is the anticipation level for Zack Snyder's adaptation of what is generally considered the greatest graphic novel ever written. Could it possibly get any higher?

Try this on for size, Gerard Butler opined from atop the San Diego Convention Center: "The script is one of the most perfect scripts I've ever read," he said. "One of the most beautifully written, interesting scripts." Oh wait, he wasn't actually referring to the "Watchmen" script. He was referring to 20 PAGES of it that didn't even make it to the movie!

To be more specific, he was of course referring to "The Tales of the Black Freighter," the comic within the comic in the "Watchmen" universe, which will find its way as an animated short onto the "Watchmen" DVD. But does he wish it was in the movie proper? Read More...

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