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Seth GreenIn the hierarchy of geek culture, Seth Green stands as a king among nerds. From his early career working on toy commercials to his present day gig on Cartoon Network's "Robot Chicken," it's clear Green lives a rock star lifestyle...in the eyes of us fanboys, that is.

And if getting the chance to hang out and collaborate with George Lucas while working on a "Star Wars" themed "Robot Chicken" episode wasn't enough for Green to satisfy his inner-geek, then a movie based on his creator-owned Top Cow comic book series, "The Freshmen," should do the trick. Over at i09, Nisha Gopalan spoke to Green about the upcoming adaptation, the early struggles to get it made, and his take on comics in general.

Despite being an already established name in Hollywood -- not to mention, clearly ahead of the curve in terms of comic book films and how popular they would become -- Green admits that getting "The Freshman" green-lit was no easy feat. "What we found was the marketplace at the time was really unreceptive to comic-book properties," said Green in the i09 piece. "'X-Men' had just come out, and people were still hesitant to believe that a comic book could translate cause it had so much baggage [plot-wise]. So we had an opportunity to make a comic, and we said, 'Well, f--k it. Let’s just entrench it in the marketplace.'" Read More...

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Seth GreenSeth Green knows that the best way to get your comic book onscreen is to simply direct it yourself. As the good folks at Slashfilm uncovered, Moviehole caught up with the "Sex Drive" star, who revealed his plans to direct "The Freshmen," based on the Top Cow comic series he created with his friend, Hugh Sterbakov. According to Green, they are in the process of writing it, and will direct it when it's ready. MTV spoke with Green several months ago about his plans for "The Freshmen" film. Now, he's hammering out the boring details.

"You know, it'll probably need a studio for release. My estimation is to make this movie the way we want to make it, we'll need independent financing. But the nice thing about independent financing is, you know, a small-budget film is $35 million these days. And that's about what we'd need to make it." Read More...

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'Iron Man'Hey folks, another hectic week in the world of comic movie news is behind us. Here's a quick recap of this week's Splash Page highlights...

- Comics biggest writers sounded off about who they thought should be the villain Batman beats the crap outta in the next movie.

- Seth Rogen talked about "The Green Hornet," and how it'll compare to "True Lies."

- Speaking of Seths, Seth Green talked about going back to school for the third volume of "The Freshmen" and prospects for a film.

- Director Edgar Wright assured fans of "Scott Pilgrim" that they won't be disappointed with the upcoming movie.

- Terrence Howard got buff (and buffed) for the next "Iron Man" film.

- Barack Obama is the Batman...or Spider-Man.

- And MTV decided to hire me for some reason...

That's that, True Believers! Have a great weekend!

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'The Freshmen'In terms of livin' the geek high life, Seth Green’s got it made. Not only is he widely known for his work in film and on Adult Swim’s hit "Robot Chicken," but he’s also got a hit comic book in Top Cow’s "The Freshmen."

“Freshmen” fans who were lucky enough to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con were given a special treat, as publisher Top Cow handed out special one-shot issues which bridged the gap between the recently concluded second volume of the series and the upcoming third volume.

However, according to Green, don’t expect another series of comics this time around. “[Writer and co-creator] Hugh [Sterbakov] and I have talked about [volume three]...he has the whole thing mapped out,” he hinted. “[But] I really wanna push towards trying to exploit another medium -- I really want to make a movie at this point. So we’re talking about how to do that. It’s always a process getting a film made, but I think this concept will really come alive on film and that’s what I’m pushing for.” Read More...

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