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The PhantomThe Ghost Who Walks returns to the screen next week in Syfy's "The Phantom" miniseries, and a bunch of new images from the four-hour television project have debuted online.

Adapted by "Carnivale" creator Daniel Knauf and his son Charles, the two-part "Phantom" miniseries premieres June 20 and is based on the classic pulp comic hero created by Lee Falk, updated with a new costume and modern, high-tech setting. "Desperate Housewives" actor Ryan Carnes stars as Kit Walker, a descendant of one of the earlier iterations of the masked, gun-toting hero, who wears a modified costume that is impervious to most damage and increases his strength and speed.

The new images feature several shots of Carnes in costume as The Phantom. Read More...


The PhantomLast year, it was announced that "The Phantom" was being adapted into a four-hour miniseries on SyFy by "Carnivale" creator Daniel Knauf and his son Charles.

While still based on the classic comic strip hero created by Lee Falk, the new miniseries radically updates The Phantom's traditional costume and setting. The miniseries first aired in Canada at the end of December and has finally been put on SyFy's 2010 schedule.

According to a post on SyFy's official Twitter account (via Phantom Site), the two-part "Phantom" miniseries will air in June. The miniseries may also serve as a backdoor pilot for a TV series, depending upon the ratings and fan reaction. Read More...


Way back in April, we got our first glimpse at concept art from "The Phantom," SyFy's television miniseries based on the classic purple-suited hero created by Lee Falk. Now, the first trailer for the project has popped up on the 'Webs, giving us a better idea of the series' premise and a look at how that concept art was translated into an actual costume.

Originally posted on YouTube, the "Phantom" trailer features a significantly younger take on the masked crimefighter, and even offers a nod to the different look he'll be sporting in the series.

"The Phantom" debuts in 2010 on SyFy.

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The PhantomIt's hard to believe that there are not one, but two different live-action "Phantom" projects currently in the works. The Sci-Fi Network's adaptation of "The Phantom" is chugging along quite well with publicized casting announcements and concept illustrations -- but what of "The Phantom Legacy," the film version produced by Sherlock Symington Productions?

"'The Phantom' is still at scripting stage," screenwriter Tim Boyle told Moviehole. "Although the comic studio and executive producers have given it two thumbs up, we're constantly pushing the screenplay forward. I believe the film will go into pre-production by the end of the year." Read More...

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Animal ManPlanet Earth isn’t always treated as well as she should be. Fortunately for all of us, there are some super-powered folks who make a point to look out for her. No, we’re not talking about that green-haired Captain Planet guy. These are serious superheroes who have fought alongside the likes of Batman and Superman.

So, in celebration of Earth Day 2009, here are some of comics' most prolific protectors of the planet -- heroes who put Earth first when it comes to saving the world: Read More...

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'The Phantom'The Phantom has certainly had a busy couple of days. The actor who'll play "The Ghost Who Walks" in Sci Fi Network's upcoming feature was announced this morning, while a set of concept designs appeared online today illustrating what the latest incarnation of The Phantom will look like.

According to Sci Fi Wire, which posted several "The Phantom" concept sketches, the classic comics character has been "updated to the present day" and now sports a costume "woven of a high-tech, nano-matrix, dark purple fabric, which is pliable, soft and also glitters with a dark metallic sheen. The fabric is a layered micro-weave of Kevlar, Twaron and Heracron fibers, skinned with a titanium-ceramic alloy neurosymbioticmesh, resistant to heat, bladed weapons, falls, impacts and small-arms fire."

Got all that? More details and an image of the new Phantom costume can be found after the jump. Read More...

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'The Phantom'We're still waiting for tangible evidence of Sherlock Symington Productions' "The Phantom Legacy" (sans Billy Zane, mind you!), but the small-screen adaptation of the pulp comics hero is proving itself to be more than just an illusion.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the Sci Fi Network's "The Phantom" telemovie has casted four actors, including "Doctor Who" veteran Ryan Carnes in the leading role and "Alias" star Isabella Rossellini as the villain. Read More...

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'The Phantom'In December, we brought you news that classic comic strip hero The Phantom would be returning to the big screen thanks to an Australian film company, producer Bruce Sherlock, and writer Tim Boyle. However, now it looks like he'll be getting the small-screen treatment too, thanks to the Sci-Fi (soon to be renamed SyFy) channel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The Phantom" is getting a fresh take in a Sci-Fi miniseries. Rather than be daunted by the character's past cinematic failures, producer Robert Halmi Jr. sees it as a chance to redefine the character. Read More...

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The PhantomEarlier this week, we brought you news that an Australian production company had picked up the rights to the classic comic book character "The Phantom" in the hopes to reboot a possible film franchise under the title "The Phantom Legacy," and that Tim Boyle had been tapped to write the script. Since then, Boyle has taken to his blog to talk about the news, and the first thing he wants fans to do is forget all about the 1996 version of "The Phantom."

"There's one thing I need to set straight as the reporting is incorrect. This film is NOT a 'Sequel,'" Boyle said on his MySpace blog. "It is a 're-launch' or 're-boot' of the comic franchise to the big screen. This film has nothing to do with the 1996 movie. I wanted to clear this up as people keep asking me this same questions." Read More...

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The PhantomHe's known as "The Ghost Who Walks," but after hearing the news breaking out of Australia today, "The Phantom" should be known as "The Ghost Who Rides Again."

You read that right -- according to the Australian Associated Press, it appears as though Sherlock Symington Productions, a Sydney, Australia-based company, has secured the rights to "The Phantom Legacy," which is being reported as, "a $130 million special effects-laden blockbuster that...will shine the spotlight on some of the best actors and film crews in [Australia]." Read More...


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