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Dark Knight RisesWhether they live in the U.K. or the U.S., comics creators in the feed have been expressing collective shock over the course of the last day in response to the London riots that broke out over the weekend. Simon Pegg and Mark Millar both offered their perspectives, and Tony Lee had his travel plans impacted.

Thankfully, Lea Hernandez offered a beacon of light to the day's tweets with some "Doctor Who"-inspired bunny art. Check out the magic down below, along with a brilliant career suggestion for David Schwimmer.

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Jon SnowComic creator tweets are fun to follow during Comic-Con International week, because they tend to keep appearing all night long. From pictures of run-ins between Stan Lee and Taylor Lautner to hang-outs with "A Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin, the feed was loaded with fun this morning.

It's also a great week to watch for art posts. Take, for example, a really awesome Jon Snow portrait posted by Michael Cho. Check out his link, some on-stage panel shots and some words from Simon Fraser on the passing of artist Lucian Freud.

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Human TargetFox broke some bads news to "Human Target" and "Locke and Key" fans this week, canceling this first show and passing on the latter. Along with the also-cancelled "Chicago Code," the programs left a pile of sad tweets in their wake.

On a more positive front, the "Powers" TV series still seems to be climbing its way toward reality, as Brian Michael Bendis teased Twitter about his casting tapes once again. This morning's rundown boasts that update, some Ninjak dismay from Kurt Busiek and more absolutely incredible Jim Lee artwork. Brace yourself and check it out after the jump.

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First Class"Doctor Who" fans tweeted en masse yesterday to commemorate actress Elisabeth Sladen, who passed away this week at the age of 63. Writers and artists both noted the impact she had on them as Sarah-Jane Smith in the series, and I've retweeted the likes of Edgar Wright, Paul Cornell and Pia Guerra, who all remembered Sladen fondly.

The feed brought speculation about what's to come in 2011 as well. Bryan Lee O'Malley got a little snarky about "X-Men: First Class," Robert Kirkman expects great things from "The Walking Dead" in Season 2. Find out why and what Brian Michael Bendis had to say to "Internet babies" down below.

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Doctor WhoWrestling fans reacted with mixed emotions after Edge announced his retirement from WWE. Jill Thompson, for one, wished him well. Meanwhile, Vito Delsante took the opportunity to kick up some conspiracy dust around Vince McMahon.

Ron Jeremy was on a few minds for some reason as well. Bendis wants to see him in a movie, while Pete Woods wished for a comic book featuring the adult film star. Their tweets, some "Doctor Who" commentary as the new season nears and a very special wish regarding ponies show up today after the jump.

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Dwayne McDuffieTwo pop culture icons left their mark on Twitter yesterday. Writer Dwayne McDuffie, who will always be my favorite Deathlok scribe, and actor Nick Courtney, who endeared himself to decades of "Doctor Who" fans with his portrayal of The Brigadier, both passed away, and their importance was impossible to miss in the feed.

The fact that Grant Morrison broke Twitter silence to comment on McDuffie's death should be enough to let you know that he's going to be missed within the creative community. His contributions to the animated "All Star Superman" feature and projects like "Static Shock" and "Justice League Unlimited" will be his lasting legacy. The writers who spoke up last night captured his importance better than I can, though. Read on for their thoughts and Courtney's impact on a couple of "Doctor Who" writers.

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ThundercatsEveryone seems to have opinions about British actor Henry Cavill taking over as Superman, but Paul Cornell turned the tables today and questioned how his countrymen might respond to an American Doctor. I think I'd be down with it for a one-time, made-for-TV movie, but only so long as it didn't waste an incarnation.

On the other side of the globe, Brian Michael Bendis has been plotting TV-related "Powers" things. He didn't delve into specifics, but he did tease his activities yesterday. Find out how the meetings made him feel, as well as who isn't having any of the new Snarf appearing in the upcoming ThunderCats animated series.

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Doctor Who crossoversI don't care how good this year's Doctor Who Christmas episode is, I'd trade it in a heartbeat for the Batman and Planetary crossovers that Paul Cornell and Neil Gaiman were discussing last night over Twitter. Tony Lee also contributed some thoughts, and if you approve, I would definitely encourage you to start writing DC and the BBC.

In other topics, Dan Slott found himself affected by the recent Skype outage and shared his despair with the world, and the Spider-Man musical continues to be an electro-snark-magnetic across the Twittersphere. Check out how Chris Eliopoulos feels about it and see Michael Papajohn's reaction to a new candidate audition for his old part in Marc Webb's Spidey movie reboot.

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Tron LegacySports fans mourned the loss of Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller this week, and you may be surprised to learn that one comics writer in our feed even got to
interview him at one point. Boston and New York basketball fans, meanwhile were watching the Celtics/Knicks game last night, and Spike Lee got as much tweet attention as the game itself from where I was sitting.

Elsewhere, reactions to "Tron: Legacy" have been rolling in, while Jon Favreau's departure from "Iron Man 3" and Scarlett Johansson are still fresh on everyone's minds. Check out who's hoping for what and who you agree with down below.

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Guy Fawkes DayIf you've been thinking about "V for Vendetta" and trying to figure out how to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, look no further than the Twitter accounts of Neil Gaiman and Simon Pegg today. Along with the recent casting news regarding Sally Field and Martin Sheen in Marc Webb's "Spider-Man," the holiday has been a trending topic.

Comics creators have been raising other important issues as well, though, such as how the "Twilight" graphic novel could succeed despite its font choices and whether or not the Secret Six are a better team than the Outsiders. Find out who's arguing for what and who got to see Metallica play at a "Call of Duty: Black Ops" launch event after the jump.

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