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Umbrella Academy

Three years have passed since the release of "The Umbrella Academy: Dallas," the second and most recent entry in Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's Dark Horse comic book series about a group of disbanded superheroes who reunite after the death of their adoptive father. It hasn't been quite that long since we last heard an update on the film adaptation of "Umbrella Academy" — it was reported in 2011 that Rawson Thurber was taking a crack at the script. But what's the latest on the project?

"I'd say it's hanging out a little bit," Way said of the "Umbrella Academy" movie in an interview with Comics Alliance. "Every once in a while there's a burst of movement and it's kind of how I've noticed Hollywood works. There's a burst of movement and then a burst of nothing. We actually recently got a script and it's really great, so I think it's just a matter of waiting for [Universal Studios] wanting to take the risk on it."


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Gerard WayAfter about two years of silence on the project, Universal is moving forward with their adaptation of "The Umbrella Academy."

Deadline is reporting that "Dodgeball" director Rawson Thurber is rewriting the script and will return it to the forefront of Universal's in-production projects. There's no news yet on whether he will also end up directing the movie, or whether Universal will hire someone else once the script rewrite is complete.

The first draft of "The Umbrella Academy" was written by Mark Bomback back in 2009, but Universal seems to think a rewrite of the version by the "Live Free or Die Hard" screenwriter was in order.


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B.P.R.D.Earlier this week we gave you a sneak peek at the upcoming relaunch of Dark Horse Comics' anthology series "Dark Horse Presents," including a preview of "Xerxes," Frank Miller's follow-up to "300." Along with chatting up Dark Horse president Mike Richardson about all things DHP, we also got an update on some of the movie projects in development at their film production arm, Dark Horse Entertainment.

From adaptations of popular comic book series like "Criminal Macabre" and "The Goon" to original films like "Bruce Campbell Vs. Frankenstein," Dark Horse currently has a long list of fan-friendly projects in various stages of development.

While Richardson couldn't offer too many details, he did offer a status update of sorts for many of the films, and hinted that that one of the company's most popular franchises is changing things up in a big way for its next installment. Read More...

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Gerard WayIt wasn't long ago that My Chemical Romance rocker Gerard Way told MTV News that he wasn't quite ready for a film adaptation of his comic book series "The Umbrella Academy." Now, it looks like Way has changed his mind -- or perhaps Hollywood didn't get the memo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Bomback has been tapped to write the screenplay for "The Umbrella Academy" based on Way's Dark Horse comic book miniseries. The film is set up at Universal. Read More...


'Umbrella Academy'FROM MOVIES BLOG: “Children of Men” told a haunting apocalyptic tale of a world in which all women are infertile and mankind is slowly dying off. Clive Owen and Julianne Moore gave admirably restrained performances. Beautifully shot, combining the best elements of the sci-fi and thriller genres, “Children” was one of the finest films of 2006—and no one went to see it (the US gross didn’t even cover half its $76 million budget).

Yet rumors of another “Children” installment have persisted, so writer/director Alfonso Cuarón spoke with MTV News to shoot down those rumors (as well as rumors he’ll be directing an adaptation of emo comic series, “The Umbrella Academy”). Or rather, he spoke with us to mock the very idea of picking up the “Children” story where he left it, with both Owen and Moore’s characters dead and the first baby born in years stowed away on a secret humanity-saving ship.

For the full scoop on Alfonso Cuarón and "Umbrella Academy" check out MoviesBlog.MTV.com.

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Gerard WayIt's no small feat winning over the collective comics crowd, but if there's one team up to the challenge, it's "Umbrella Academy" writer (and My Chemical Romance frontman) Gerard Way and artist Gabriel Ba.

With the critical and commercial success of "The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite" under its belt, the Eisner-winning collaborators continue with "The Umbrella Academy: Dallas," which hits stores this week through Dark Horse Comics. Bearing fan expectations in mind, the duo spoke confidently of their vision for the future of "The Umbrella Academy" -- both in terms of the comic series as well as the fast-tracked "Umbrella Academy" feature film.

"We really truly hadn’t anticipated ['Apocalypse Suite'] to be so well-received and get so much attention," said Way, "So that obviously kind of raised the stakes, [and] not in a negative way. If anything, it’s forced us to go even further to not pay attention to what people think about it or what they’re going to think about it." Read More...

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Gerard WayWith news of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way's "Umbrella Academy" headed for development over at Universal, Splash Page looked back to a recent interview we did with the fanboy-turned-rock star-turned-comic writer on what he hopes happens with a potential "Umbrella Academy" film.

"It’s a pretty recent development," explained Way from an interview from the floor of this year's San Diego Comic-Con. "Mike Richardson, who runs Dark Horse and owns it, just signed a three picture deal with Universal because he has a great relationship with them from 'Hellboy,' and the first film that he wanted to get made – that they wanted to option – was 'Umbrella Academy.'" Read More...

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Gerard Way may be one of the biggest rock stars in the world, but that doesn't stop him from making the annual pilgrimage to Comic-Con. Way -- who grew up reading comics, attended art school and interned at DC Comics before forming My Chemical Romance -- attended the show to promote his Dark Horse book "The Umbrella Academy." We'll be bringing you much more from Way in the coming days, but hear him chat below about the latest from "Academy" as well as his love for all things Comic-Con.

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