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"Superman," the new iOS game, is the best Superman videogame I have ever played. Now, normally, that might sound like a fairly grandiose statement, and you would be correct in that thinking, if it weren't for the fact that every other Superman game in history has sucked – hard. Going all the way back to his first appearance – on the Atari in 1979 – the Man of Steel has found himself licensed into an endless stream of digital garbage.

Thanks to mobile publisher Chillingo and developer Tiger Games, this marks the very first occasion -- with the exception of ensemble games like "DC Universe Online" -- in my three decades of life that I didn't want to throw a Superman game into a black hole.


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Earlier today, you read some words from "Green Lantern" star Mark Strong about the difficulty of taking part in the production of such an effects-heavy film. Only one "Green Lantern" trailer has been released so far, and while there are some standout moments, a fair number of fans criticized the apparently unfinished look of some of the visual effects on display.

According to Warner Bros boss Jeff Robinov, the effects team's huge workload is actually a big part of the reason why we haven't seen much in the way of promotional video content from the film yet.

"We are on a learning curve in getting 3-D materials and marketing materials on the same schedule," he told the Los Angeles Times. Read More...

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For more than a decade now, the notion of a "Justice League" movie has been one of the great, golden egg-laying geese of the comic book movie world. On paper, it's brilliant: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and any number of other DC superheroes all in one movie. What red-blooded comic book geek wouldn't want to see that?

Now it turns out that such a thing might actually be happening, confirmed directly from a source who ought to know a thing or two about what's upcoming for DC Comics on the big screen.

Warner Bros. boss Jeff Robinov must have dropped the info bomb in a rather off-handed way during his interview for a recent Los Angeles Times profile. There's no direct quote regarding "Justice Leage" in the story; the writer instead paraphrases Robinov. Read More...

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'The Dark Knight'In order to prevent "The Dark Knight" from suffering an "out of sight, out of mind" fate come Academy Awards season, Warner Bros. recently announced plans to re-release the blockbuster film to theaters in January.

Earlier this month, we reported that "The Dark Knight" had become the top-grossing first-run film in IMAX theater history, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the chain of giant-screen theaters will likely play host to the battle between Christian Bale's Batman and Heath Ledger's Joker once again.

In addition to keeping the project fresh on the minds of Academy Award voters, a re-release should give "The Dark Knight" the nudge it needs to surpass the $1 billion mark in worldwide gross. The film will still fall short of the $1.84 billion grossed by "Titanic," the highest-selling film of all time, but should further solidify the Christopher Nolan film's spot at #2 in worldwide movie sales.

Have you seen "The Dark Knight" in IMAX yet? Will a re-release make you more likely to do so? Let us know if you plan to take advantage of this sequel to Batman's latest run in theaters!

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'Y: The Last Man'Yesterday we linked to an interview in which "Eagle Eye" director DJ Caruso expressed an interest in directing Marvel's upcoming "Thor" film, but today Caruso offered up some insight into a highly anticipated adaptation he's already working on: the film version of Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated "Y: The Last Man" series.

In an interview with UGO, Caruso confirmed that adapting the 60-issue Vertigo series was indeed going to be a multiple-film project, and offered up some thoughts on where to the first chapter would conclude.

"... we get ourselves to Dr. Mann and you get, Yorick and Ampersand, in our screenplay, sort of get separated for a while, they get back together and Yorick ends up getting sick," said Caruso, adding that Vaughan himself helped out with determining where to break the overall story in the films. "Basically where you really want to end is 355 and Yorick basically kind of come away at the end and everything is not Ok, and they still - having now found Dr. Mann maybe in the middle of Act II - they still have a long way to go and a lot to figure out."

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'Watchmen'Looks like the legal battle between Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox over rights to next year's big screen adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' groundbreaking graphic novel, "Watchmen," are gonna get worse before they get better.

According to an article in the New York Times, Warner Bros. plans to counter-attack Fox legal claims by arguing that Fox should not be permitted to stop the film, since the studio stood by while Warner and its partners on the film -- Paramount Pictures and Legendary Pictures -- spent more than $100 million on the production. Read More...

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'Kick-Ass'We could barely keep up with all the news this week, so here's your hook-up in case you missed anything...

- It was a kick-ass week for "Kick-Ass," as announcements about casting and production ruled the internet.

- The cast of "The Greatest American Hero" talked with us about their upcoming comics and webisodes.

- Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi hopped aboard the "Sleeper" train, and Ed Brubaker shared his thoughts with us about it.

- Warner Bros. dropped some hints about what DC fans can expect from them in the coming years -- "Batman 3," at least two other new franchises, and a darker-toned revamp of Superman...but will Bryan Singer be on board?

- Brad Meltzer spoke with us about "The Book of Lies," and also shared an exclusive song from the book's soundtrack.

- Antony Johnston talked about his graphic novel, "Julius," making the jump from indie comic to Hollywood.

- Harvey Dent is dead.

- John Moore wants everyone to lighten-up about serious subject matter in movies.

- And despite a lawsuit and possible boycotts by fans, there was still plenty of Watchmen news to keep excitement alive.

Thanks for stopping by this week, fellow nerds and nerdbirds! We'll see you on Monday!

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SupermanThis just in, Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov tells The Wall Street Journal about Warner's upcoming plans regarding their goldmine of DC characters -- among which includes news on a "Superman" sequel, another "Batman" film in the works, as well as a new overall direction for DC movies in the future.

Robinov addresses the long-rumored "Batman vs. Superman" and "Justice League" films, saying that due to the lackluster box office of "Superman Returns," the projects definitely won't happen anytime soon. Rather, he notes that there will be another shot at getting the "Superman" franchise going, however it looks like it will indeed eschew the Bryan Singer-helmed film and simply start over from scratch. Read More...

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