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For me, if nothing else, "Before Watchmen" presents an opportunity to get something off my chest regarding today's culture of remakes, reboots and sequelitis in comics, film, television and beyond.

In short, here comes a rant. Apologies in advance.


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Before Watchmen

"Before Watchmen" is actually happening; Rorschach would be pissed. "The Avengers" and "Dark Knight Rises" have a few things in common, including an absolute overdose of awesome merchandise heading our way. And you can prepare for "Doom" by watching a new clip from the next "Justice League" movie right here, right now.

Fish your Tights out of the dirty laundry pile and meet us beyond the jump!


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Watchmen 2Today was full of big changes at DC Entertainment, and when DC President Diane Nelson spoke with MTV News earlier today about what those changes mean for the company, its creators and comics, I made sure to get her thoughts on a few other recent items of note, too.

Named the head of the new subdivision of Warner Bros. back in September 2009, Nelson is charged with managing the evolution of Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC Universe across various media platforms, and reports directly to Warner Bros. Pictures President Jeff Robinov.

"Wouldn't you like to know!" laughed Nelson when asked if there was any truth to the recent rumor that "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan will oversee a reboot of the "Superman" movie franchise.


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Watchmen - TwitterDo you want to know how stir up some animosity and snark in the comics community? Announce that Alan Moore's "Watchmen" is getting a sequel. Mark Waid, Ande Parks and Brandon Jerwa all had responses to the rumors, and there aren't too many creators out there who seem to be excited about the idea.

And speaking of franchises that went overboard on sequels, some pretty awesome Star Wars homage artwork has been showing up on "Mouse Guard" creator David Petersen's Twitter account, and I highly recommend giving that a look. The links are retweeted after the jump along with Jamal Igle's thoughts on Batman porn, Rob Liefeld's Oscar predictions and the one DC Comics book that Mike Choi wants to draw.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for February 4, 2010. Read More...

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WatchmenRumors of a "Watchmen 2" in one form or another made big waves around the online world over the last 24 hours, with much discussion of whether sequels, prequels or spin-offs from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' much-beloved series should be considered in the comics world or Hollywood.

Today, Deadline Hollywood reports that an anonymous studio source says there's "not a chance" of a sequel to last year's "Watchmen" movie being made, refuting some of the claims by yesterday's other anonymous source. (I like to think these "anonymous sources" actually sit across from each other in the same office and do this sort of thing when they get bored.)

But let's be realistic here, folks — in the end, whether fans actually want to see more from the "Watchmen" universe probably won't factor into whether we get more "Watchmen" stories. So let's just try to have fun with the idea, shall we? Read More...

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Watchmen 2"Watchmen" writer Alan Moore may have given up on Hollywood years ago, but if a recent rumor is to be believed, the author may have yet another reason to have his name stricken from film credits.

While there's been no official announcement, BleedingCool.com reports that a change in DC Entertainment's corporate structure has freed up the possibility of a sequel (or prequel) to 2009's "Watchmen" – in comic book or movie form.

It's said that longtime President and Publisher Paul Levitz was the rudder that steered DC away from publishing peripheral "Watchmen" materials such as sequels, prequels or spinoffs, but now that he's stepped down and DC Comics has restructured as part of a broader DC Entertainment, the site reports some anonymous buzz from within the company indicating that the old rules no longer apply. Read More...


'Watchmen'Recently, the Interwebs exploded with talk that director Zack Snyder might consider a move many fanboys would find nothing short of blasphemy: Shooting a sequel to the “Watchmen” movie that hits theaters next month.

The good news is that Snyder insists "Watchmen 2" will never happen; the better news is that actress Malin Akerman is among the many stars of the film who’d also likely say "no" to the idea.

“It would be interesting to see,” guessed the actress, who plays Silk Spectre II in the film. “But I don’t really know how [a sequel] would ever be possible. Because ‘Watchmen’ is ‘Watchmen,’ and we covered pretty much the whole novel.” Read More...

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'300'Zack Snyder may cringe at the idea of doing a "Watchmen" sequel, but the outspokenly pro-comics director knows exactly what it will take to snag his talents for a sequel to "300." After hinting back in October that another installment of "300" wasn't entirely inconceivable, Snyder's position on follow-ups to both films are now crystal clear.

“The way I would do it is if Frank [Miller] drew a graphic novel, it came out in the marketplace and people said, ‘That’s pretty cool,’” Snyder told the New York Times. “The studio wants it to be, sit with Frank, come up with an idea, write a screenplay, maybe he’ll do a graphic novel based on the screenplay. I’m like, ‘Yeah, I want nothing to do with that.’” Read More...

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