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Y The Last Man

Congratulations, Yorick Brown. You're closer than ever to becoming the last man on Earth.

Crave Online spoke with "Man of Steel" screenwriter David Goyer about a few of his other developing comic book adaptations, including "Y: The Last Man," based on the Vertigo Comics series written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Pia Guerra. Goyer was asked if he's still producing the "Y" adaptation, and the answer he gave was very encouraging for fans of the series.

"I am. We've got a script that's as close as it's ever been," he said. "That could go into production next year."


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Y: The Last Man

Stop us if you've heard this one before: there's a "Y: The Last Man" movie in development.

Same story, different day, right? Apparently not, according to what Vulture has heard. A new version of "Y" is underway at New Line, and it is reportedly one of the company's "first priorities." Further fueling the optimistic outlook is the word that "the studio is very pleased with a draft from former Jericho writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, and has already begun the process of meeting with director candidates to hire for the project."



Of all the awesome graphic novel properties that have been snapped up by Hollywood in recent years, we're really surprised that the long-planned "Y: The Last Man" adaptation has never made its way to the big screen. Sure, back in March we heard the movie had nabbed some new writers, but that's pretty much back to square one for the project.

While we wait for the feature film version of "Y: The Last Man" to slowly trudge its way through the Hollywood production cycle to the big screen, some people have stepped up to make their own short based on the hit graphic novel. Writer/director Christian Cardona's vision of "Y" — called "Y: The Last Man Rising" — made its big debut earlier this month thanks to IGN (via /Film).

Check it out after the break!



Brian K. Vaughan’s "Y: The Last Man," which wrapped a few years ago, is about as perfect of a self-contained original series as the mainstream comic world has seen in recent history. Spread out over 60 issues and six years of publication, it’s also not the easiest series to condense, which is why a rumored film adaptation has remained just a rumor over the last few years.

But there may be some slow progress moving on that front: The Hollywood Reporter reports that writing partners Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia are in final negotiations to pen the New Line Cinema adaptation. They’re both relatively new to the movie game, but they’ve both logged experience writing for TV shows like "Jericho," "Charlie’s Angels," "Warehouse 13," and another comic-inspired project, "Human Target."


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Y; The Last ManA potential adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated comic book series "Y: The Last Man" has bounced around in Hollywood for years now, with little movement past the script stage. Most recently, "I Am Number Four" director D.J. Caruso reported that he was still "loosely attached" to the project, though he indicated that the massive amount of source material and differences with the studio over how to present it — as a solo movie or a trilogy — had left the project in limbo.

However, movie blog Latino Review reported an anonymously sourced rumor back in March that "Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier was "circling" the "Y: The Last Man" adaptation, though the project was still plagued by internal differences at studio New Line Cinema regarding the proper approach to the film.

I spoke with Leterrier recently regarding the "Y; The Last Man" rumor, and along with receiving some confirmation of his dealings with the studio, he also offered up some thoughts on how he'd approach such an ambitious adaptation. Read More...

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Y: The Last ManIt's been a while since we heard anything about a potential live-action adaptation of "Y: The Last Man," Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated comic book series about the adventures of the last man on Earth (and his monkey).

All the way back in 2008, "Disturbia" director D.J. Caruso had planned to cast his former star Shia LaBeouf as Yorick, the last male human left on the planet after everything with a Y chromosome suddenly drops dead — everything, that is, except him and his pet monkey, Ampersand. Even with a script written by Vaughan himself, the going was tough for Caruso, and LaBeouf's involvement soon became one of those on-again, off-again uncertainties.

MTV News caught up with Caruso on the set of his upcoming film "I Am Number Four" and managed to get an update of sorts on the status of the "Y: The Last Man" movie. Read More...

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Josh Hutcherson was long mentioned as a front-runner for the lead role of Peter Parker in Sony's "Spider-Man" reboot -- some even pegged him as a virtual lock for the part -- but as we're all no doubt aware by now, Hutcherson won't be spinning webs for Sony. That's a distinction belonging to Andrew Garfield.

But just because the "Spider-Man" ship has sailed for Hutcherson doesn't mean that the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" actor should close the door on the comic book community.

Here are a few other roles we could see Hutcherson taking on! Read More...

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Y: The Last ManDespite the attachment of director D.J. Caruso and the rumored involvement of "Transformers" actor Shia LaBeouf, "Y: The Last Man" still has a ways to go before its big-screen debut.

In 2008, Caruso admitted that adapting the comic books has proven "really tough," while LaBeouf cast some doubt on his own attachment to the project just last year. But that doesn't mean you have to sit around waiting for the film to get made while all the men in the world drop dead — at the very least, you can wait with some interesting reading material.

Over the weekend, io9 linked to an early draft of "Y: The Last Man" written by Brian K. Vaughan himself. While the script is no longer available at My PDF Scripts, other online venues have posted Vaughan's draft, a screenplay that makes some significant departures from the source material.

So, what's our slightly spoiler-filled take on the screenplay? Read More...

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The Last ManDon't count the last man on Earth out of the picture yet, folks. Hot on the heels of Shia LaBeouf saying that he was no longer interested in playing Yorick in "Y: The Last Man" comes word that the actor is still very much interested in the project -- he's just not ready for it right now.

"I am!" LaBeouf told Collider when asked if he was still hoping to star in the Vertigo comic book adaptation. "You see, the thing is Brian K. Vaughn [writer of 'Y: The Last Man'], Neil Gaiman, the guys who write the 'Criminal' series, these are all my favorite, this is my favorite stuff to read. It's the stuff that I love. 'Y: The Last Man' is my favorite comic book. It's also [director] DJ Caruso's favorite comic book. We do want to make it. It's just too 'Sam Witwicky.'" Read More...

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Shia LaBeoufDirector D.J. Caruso might have wanted "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" star Shia LaBeouf to be the leading man in his "Y: The Last Man" movie, but his search will apparently have to go on now that LaBeouf says he won't be in the running.

The upcoming film adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated Vertigo series, which Caruso might turn into a trilogy, will have to find someone other than LaBeouf, who sees the role of Yorick Brown as being too similar to his character Sam Witwicky from the "Transformers" films. Read More...

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